Larry Bird Rings: 3 NBA Champions, A Celtics Dynasty

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When it comes to basketball greatness, Larry Legend’s name rings out loud and clear. This small-town Indiana kid captured 3 championship rings with the Boston Celtics back in the 1980s.

Every Larry Bird Rings tells the story of a different career milestone for this trash-talking sharpshooter.

Larry Bird Rings 3 NBA Champions, A Celtics Dynasty
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How many rings does Larry Bird have?

Larry Bird has three NBA championship rings, which he won with the Boston Celtics in 1981, 1984, and 1986.

The 1981 NBA Championship: The First Ring

In 1981, Larry Bird got his first ring when he was just 24 years old. He led the Boston Celtics to the NBA championship over the Houston Rockets. It marked a turning point for both the Celtics franchise and Bird’s young career.

The Celtics had struggled in the seasons before Bird arrived. But with him leading the charge in 1980-81, they dominated the East with an awesome 62-20 record. After an epic Eastern Finals comeback against Philadelphia, Boston found themselves back in the Finals.

Their opponent? The Houston Rockets, who battled hard behind Moses Malone’s monster play.

The series came down to Bird’s clutch play in critical moments. Case in point: Game 1 when Bird pulled off a ridiculous mid-air rebound and put-back bucket. As legendary Celtics icons Red Auerbach and Bill Russell watched in awe, Bird electrified Boston Garden. The C’s never looked back from there.

Bird filled the stat sheet throughout the series, averaging 15.3 points, 15.3 rebounds, and 7 dimes. His Game 1 magic cemented Bird as “Larry Legend” while sealing the series for the rising Celtics.

The first ring signaled a passing of the torch in the NBA. With Bird now at the helm, a new Celtics dynasty was born. And a fiery young superstar from small-town Indiana made it clear greatness was his destiny.

The 1984 NBA Championship: The Rivalry Ring

The 1984 Finals went down as one of the greatest NBA championship clashes ever. Larry Bird’s Boston Celtics battled Magic Johnson’s Los Angeles Lakers, it was old school versus Showtime. This one had it all.

Bird’s Celtics rolled into the Finals after he put on his cape in the Eastern playoffs. His averages of 27 points, 10 rebounds, and 6 assists swept Boston past Milwaukee. But the Lakers captured Game 1 in the Garden thanks to Kareem’s 32 points.

Boston struck back to snag Game 2 in overtime thriller. Gerald Henderson made the key play, stealing the rock and laying it in to tie the game late. Advantage Celts…for the moment.

‘Cause LA demolished Boston by 33 points in Game 3 behind Magic dishing a Finals record 21 assists! After that embarrassment, Bird trashed his squad as “sissies” to spark them.

And dang if the tough talk didn’t work, the riled-up Celtics took the next two in OT, including Bird’s 29 & 21 masterpiece in Game 4.

But just when Boston looked championship-bound, LA showed some Magic of their own to force Game 7.

In a fitting Finals classic finale, Boston escaped by 9 points to swipe the trophy from LA’s grasp. Bird’s legendary performance earned him the Finals MVP.

This iconic series defined an era and escalated the historic LA versus Boston rivalry into the stratosphere. Bird vs. Magic. Old school against Showtime. An iconic 80’s battle for the ages.

The 1986 NBA Championship: The Crowning Glory

The 1986 Finals capped the peak of Larry Legend’s illustrious career. Bird’s Boston Celtics battled a surging Houston Rockets squad led by the “Twin Towers”, Ralph Sampson and Akeem Olajuwon. This series had all the drama.

Houston had rebuilt their roster through the draft, now powered by those 7-foot young stars. The Rockets caught fire in the playoffs, stunning the defending champion Lakers on Sampson’s dramatic buzzer-beater in the Conference Finals.

The Celtics still dominated the league with a 67-15 record behind Bird’s brilliance. They swept through the East playoffs. Bird’s leadership and clutch play propelled Boston back to the championship stage.

The Finals provided a showcase for Bird’s all-around mastery of the game. The Celtics swiped the first two games at home, where they were nearly unbeatable. Houston showed resolve in winning Game 3. Tense moments followed, like Game 4 which Boston narrowly survived on a Bill Walton bucket.

Game 5 exploded into a full-on brawl that led to Sampson’s ejection. But Boston regrouped to close out the Rockets in 6 games back in front of their raucous home crowd.

Bird cemented his legend by averaging 24 points, nearly 10 rebounds, and assists. For his extraordinary effort, Larry Legend captured his second Finals MVP award. It was sweet 16 for the mighty Celtics franchise.

Larry Bird Rings

Larry Bird Rings 1981 Celtics

Celtics’ 1981 Championship Rings

This 1981 Boston Celtics championship ring emblemizes the Celtic dynasty’s return to glory led by legendary Larry Bird.

This flashy championship bling shouts “Celtics Pride!” from every angle. The top bezel spells “NBA WORLD CHAMPIONS” in bold text surrounding a sparkly half-carat diamond perched atop a Celtic green synthetic gemstone.

Over on the right side, a banner engraved with “Bird” honors the Celtics’ legend, Larry Bird. Below it sits a prominent clover logo with “CELTICS” and “XIV” for their 14th franchise championship. The word “PRIDE” is etched near the bottom.

Flip to the left bezel and it reads “1981” marking the year, with an enameled NBA logo in Celtic green. The adjoining engraving under it says “TEAMWORK” in tribute.

And peek inside the gold band to find the maker’s mark: “BALFOUR 14K” certifying it’s 14-karat jewelry fit for NBA champs.

This detailed ring clearly conveys both supreme skill and unbreakable bonds that powered Boston to triumph in ’81 behind hungry young superstar Larry Bird.

Larry Bird Rings 1984 Celtics

Celtics’ 1984 Championship Rings

This eye-catching 1984 Boston Celtics championship ring celebrates the team getting the best of their arch-nemesis, the Los Angeles Lakers, in a thrilling 7-game Finals.

The top bezel has “BOSTON CELTICS WORLD CHAMPIONS” surrounding a large green Celtic clover featuring a half-carat diamond. Pretty blinged out!

Over on the right side is “BIRD” engraved above the Celtics leprechaun mascot dribbling a basketball marked “XV” for their 15th franchise championship. A banner reads “PRIDE” beneath it.

On the left side it has the year “1984” with the NBA logo enameled in green and leaf accents. Plus, another banner etched “TEAMWORK” to showcase Celtic values.

This glittering ring encapsulates all the glory and tradition of Boston hoops!

Larry Bird Rings 1986 Celtics

Celtics’ 1986 Championship Rings

This flashy ring commemorates when Larry Legend led the Celtics to seize the 1986 NBA crown over the Houston Rockets. It was sweet sixteen for the storied Celtics franchise.

The top bezel features “BOSTON CELTICS WORLD CHAMPIONS” surrounding the team’s shamrock logo and a dazzling Larry O’Brien trophy lined with diamonds. Over half a carat worth of diamonds decorate this baby!

The right side has Bird’s name engraved above the familiar Celtic leprechaun mascot. It also marks “16 WORLD CHAMPIONSHIPS” in tribute to the franchise’s rich history. A banner that reads “PRIDE” is etched near the bottom.

Flip it over to the left side which has “1986” for the year, along with a fancy enameled NBA logo with laurel accents. Another banner spells “TEAMWORK” to highlight Celtic culture.

Peek inside the band and you’ll find the initials “LGB” stamped – standing for Larry, Kevin, and Robert – the Celtics “Big Three.”

For the Celtics faithful, this ring will always shine bright as a symbol of Larry Legend’s last glorious stand that capped off a golden era of Celtic basketball.

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